ACIIR Hires Program Coordinator

ACIIR Program Coordinator, Reginald Allison IITUSCALOOSA, Ala. – The Alabama Center for Insurance Information and Research has hired Reginald Allison II to the position of program coordinator. Allison has worked with the center in the past in his previous role as program coordinator of the Insurance, Risk Management and Actuarial Science (IRMAS) program.

In his position with IRMAS, Allison worked with students and faculty to communicate, market and promote the program while maintaining the day-to-day functions of the center. Additionally, Allison acted as the intermediary between sponsors, attendees and event coordinators for Alabama I-Day. These roles as well as his B.A. in business administration and M.A. in telecommunication and film make him uniquely qualified to take over as the ACIIR program coordinator.

Allison said he is most excited about the opportunity to expand his skill set through continued education and experience.

“I’m really looking forward to learning and practicing grant writing,” said Allison. “It’s a great tool to have in education and academia.”

Allison hopes to use his background in telecommunication to further expand the ACIIR’s marketing reach by crafting content that is tailored to appeal to the business and homeowner populations. Allison has also used his education benefit to learn skills such as coding, graphic design, and video production storytelling.

The staff at the ACIIR are eager to build a close relationship with Allison and continue to exchange knowledge and skills.

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