Inter-professional Breakfast Highlights Center’s Achievements

The Capstone College of Nursing organized an interprofessional research breakfast in Capstone Village on April 5 to highlight the ongoing work of the ACIIR. Dr. Lars Powell was asked to speak before the group of twenty nursing undergraduate and graduate students as well as administration from the College of Nursing and representatives from the College of Commerce.

Powell’s presentation gave a brief overview of the center’s mission and goals before detailing a few of the completed and ongoing projects that the ACIIR is currently pursuing.

“I didn’t even know that [FORTIFIED HomeTM retrofitting] was an option,” said Christine Ferguson, a graduate student studying nutrition. “I just bought a home, and I know we will have to replace the roof in a few years, so that’s just something to consider. It’s eye-opening.”

The interprofessional breakfasts are designed to increase awareness and strengthen connections between the University of Alabama’s various colleges. The breakfasts are typically held twice a year and feature presentations from researchers, authors and community professionals.

Rebeckah Gaydosh, a junior majoring in nutrition, said she was most interested in the resale value of homes that have a Fortified standard since it is applicable to everyday life.

The next interprofessional breakfast is scheduled to take place in the fall semester of 2018.

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