ACIIR Director Speaks to Alabama Home Builders Association

The Alabama Center for Insurance Information and Research (ACIIR) Executive Director Lars Powell spoke to the Alabama Homebuilders Association in Montgomery Ala., on September 12, 2017, and again in Dothan, Ala. on September 13, 2017, about the value of FORTIFIED HomeTM construction.

The ACIIR is partnering with the Alabama Home Builders Association to educate real estate appraisers, agents, and home builders about the value of FORTIFIED construction.

The ACIIR research team, in cooperation with faculty at Auburn and Ole Miss, produced a study last year showing that the FORTIFIED designation increases home sale value by 7 percent or more.

“The average home in our study sold for $295,000,” said Powell. “That is a $20,650 increase in the price of a home.”

Powell is available to discuss the importance of FORTIFIED HomeTM construction and designation as well as the study documenting its effect on home values.

Contact ACIIR at or (205) 348-4513.

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