ACIIR Offers Advice on Preparing for Severe Weather

Hurricane, tornado from space. Elements of this image furnished by NASA. High quality photo

With the possibility of Hurricane Irma entering the Gulf of Mexico and making landfall in the southeast, Alabamians need to be prepared.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Irma has been upgraded to a Category 5 hurricane with the potential to cause catastrophic damage to property and human life.

Here are some steps you can follow to be prepared for the possibility of severe weather:

  1. Be aware of current weather updates in your area. You can do this on social media, your local news station, or a weather radio.
  2. Know your current emergency and evacuation plan.
  3. Make your insurance coverage a part of your emergency plan.
  4. Take time to make a home inventory.
  5. Have an emergency readiness supply kit ready.
  6. Write a list of any prescription drug doses and numbers in case of an extended evacuation.
  7. Check on your neighbors and coworkers. Together you can be better prepared.

See the Alabama Center for Insurance Information and Research’s website or social media pages for access to guides explaining the value of homeowner’s insurance and helpful tips in insuring your home.

Be safe Alabama.

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