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ACIIR Continues Outreach Through Education

The Alabama Center for Insurance Information and Research (ACIIR) sends its researchers to numerous conferences around the world to promote and inform other industry experts about the research they do at the center. Through paper presentations, lectures and panels, the director and his team of talented researchers showcase the best, innovative work they have completed.

In the remainder of 2017, the ACIIR will be represented at four confirmed conferences.

  • September 19-22: SITA in Vail, Colorado

Director Lars Powell will attend the State Insurance Trade Association (SITA) national conference in Vail, Colorado. He will work with other industry specialists to better understand the many-faceted subject of insurance. The connections he makes while in attendance will garner further support and motivation for the center.

  • September 24-27: NAMIC in Denver, Colorado

Director Lars Powell will attend the National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies (NAMIC) annual convention in Denver, Colorado. At last year’s event the total attendance exceeded 1,900 individuals, more than 1,150 senior insurance executives participated, and more than 150 property/casualty companies were represented.

Dr. Powell will have the opportunity to connect with representatives from around the country and learn about the numerous topics covered at the annual meeting. Some of these opportunities include speeches from the keynote speakers:

  1. Scott Stratten, Disruptive and UN-traditional Sales, Marketing, Branding and Relationship Expert
  2. Kevin Poulsen, Cyber Crime Expert, and Author of “Kingpin”
  3. Michael Hayden, Former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and Former Director of the National Security Agency
  • October 11: I-Day in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

The entire ACIIR staff will be present at the Alabama Insurance Day (I-Day). The Alabama Insurance and Risk Management Education Foundation at the University of Alabama organizes the event in cooperation with The Alabama Insurance Planning Commission and the Alabama Department of Insurance as well as the Culverhouse College of Commerce.

The ACIIR will have an exhibition table to discuss current projects and future goals as well as educate attendees about the mission statement of the center. The event will be held in the Bryant Conference Center.

  • October 25-27: FLASH in Atlanta, GA

Associate Researcher Sebastian Awondo will be attending the Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH) Annual Conference in Atlanta, Georgia in October. He will present a research paper, Measuring the Value of FORTIFIED HomeTM Construction on Home Resale, which details the increase in home value after conforming to FORTIFIED HomeTM building standards.

The conference will also feature presentations from experts and leaders from The American Institute of Architects, State Farm Insurance, USAA, and many others.

These and additional conference opportunities that may arise this year are just one of the many ways the ACIIR continues to further expand its influence and educate the public about the mission of the center.

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