The Alabama Coastal Insurance Shopper’s Guide

This free guide features sections on the process of buying homeowners insurance, elements of coverage, flood insurance and even a Homeowners Comparison Checklist, as well as a “Top 10 Questions” to ask when buying insurance.

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Why You Need the Shopper's Guide

ACIIR Director Lars Powell discusses the importance of the new Alabama Coastal Insurance Shopper's Guide and why homeowners need to start shopping for insurance.

Top 10 Questions to Ask About Your Homeowners Insurance

q1 How much coverage did you quote on my house and does this include detached structures (garage, workshop, etc...)?
q1 How much coverage is provided for my personal property (my stuff)?
q1 Are my contents insured for replacement cost or actual cash value (ACV)?
q1 Is my house insured for replacement cost or actual cash value (ACV)?
q1 Do I have sewer and water coverage?
q1 How much is my deductible in dollars? How about my wind deductible?
q1 Do I have (or did you quote) a separate Wind/Hail policy?
q1 Do I have coverage for Additional Living Expenses?
q1 How much Ordinance and Law coverage do I have?
q1 Do I have (or did you quote) a Flood Policy? What is my flood zone?
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